Value Added Services

WPC Logistics always learn from the costumer, study their needs and deliver. For example, WPC Logistics will provide new warehouse program, as well as the team and system to support all the costumer needs, from picking, kitting, labelling, pricing, marking, special packaging, in addition to domestic and international delivering and return position.

  1. Kitting assistance

    Kitting is the process in which individually separate but related items are grouped, packaged, and supplied together as one unit. WPC Logistics provides kitting assistance to our customers so they will have the freedom to order products from   several alternatives, while WPC Logistics will assembled together and shipped as one unit.

  2. Labelling, pricing and marking

    WPC Logistics provide labelling, pricing and marking service which give time and financial efficiency for the consumer goods retailer. Such service include product   sorting as well as shelving.

  3. Special packaging
    • WPC Logistics provide carton packaging based on the standard requirement for consumer product.
    • WPC Logistics provide product bundling with special request of packing

      WPC Logistics provide dangerous goods packaging conducted by professional team with international standard, which services as follows:

      • Dangerous Goods Packaging (same day service, inclusive of pickup and delivery)
      • Onsite Repackaging Services
      • Preparation of Dangerous Goods Declaration Onsite
      • Dangerous Goods Inspection at Site
      • Packaging of Class 6.2 (Clinical Sample)
      • Cold Room Packaging Services (2-8oC) or less than 0 oC
      • Dangerous Goods Local Delivery for Class 1 to Class 9 (SCDF certified drivers)
      • SCDF Certified Warehousing Facilities Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor Provision of Dry Ice & Packaging
      • Decanting& Palletising Services
      • Plywood Crating (ISPN 15 compliances)
      • Worldwide Air Transportation of Dangerous Goods
  4. Warehouse facilities

    WPC Logistics have branches in major cities of Indonesia, including Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya, Bali, Medan, and Banjarmasin, complete with       warehouse facilities at the port.

  5. Return position

    The return position service in WPC Logistics is an ongoing process. The reverse   logistic service needs to be provided with detailed data records, from the reason why the product were being returned and how often such return happened, then such information will be analysed, in order to minimise all the cost occurred during return process.

  6. Warehouse location

    Geographically, warehouse location could be selected by several significant factors, such as accessibility, human resources, as well as transportation in order to convey an integrated services. In other hand, product service also become another significant factor to decide the location of the warehouse. Therefore, strategic warehouse location could be a very expensive expenditure for the company, which could be minimise by using warehouse service provided by WPC Logistics.

    Product service is also become the significant part in deciding warehouse location. For example, food production location with DC retail needs will be in contrast and can not be generalised. The size and amount of products (forecasting process) also become a deciding factor in warehouse location. The ever growing business development in the world contributes to the increase pricing of warehousing. WPC LOGISTICS will analyse every activities needed by the customers with several methods thus customers will have the best warehouse location.

  7. Loading time window

    Every site of warehouse have a different distance and the loading time window of each vendor will set accordingly.

  8. Process time window

    Each process of the handling product from the time of the purchase order to picking process until ready to be delivered will be put in process time window by WPC Logistics system that notify all the party involve in the delivery process.

  9. Delivery time window

    Each delivery will be based on time window of each customer in order to make the product be in line will customer schedule basis for their production or market distribution area by daily, weekly or monthly. WPC Logistics integrated system will generate the report to each department, tracking system can be implemented and auto mail program will notify each department once the shipment received by each division or market distribution.