Vendor Management

On going process to define the procurement capability to support costumer business plan, by using the method of in-house and outsource to create the balance of product quality, service level, on-time delivery and technical support.

  1. Loading time window
    Every site of warehouse have a different distance and the loading time window of each vendor will set accordingly.
  2. Process time window
    Each process of the handling product from the time of the purchase order to picking process until ready to be delivered will be put in process time window by WPC Logistics system that notify all the party involve in the delivery process.
  3. Delivery time window
    Each delivery will be based on time window of each customer in order to make the product be in line will customer schedule basis for their production or market distribution area by daily, weekly or monthly. WPC Logistics integrated system will generate the report to each department, tracking system can be implemented and auto mail program will notify each department once the shipment received by each division or market distribution.