Economic development in every countries is directly proportional to the land prices. In other words, economic development causing land more scarce, therefore the prices is soaring high. In addition, there are fewer vast land to build warehouse. For companies and retailer, that become an obstacle to overcome.

Building new warehouses are not the best solution. Not only it needs large sum of capital, but also it was not easy to find the right location for warehouse based on target market distribution area.

WPC Logistics understand such problem. Consequently, WPC Logistics provides public warehouse and dedicated warehouse facility that can be used by the customers. Hence, customers could implement on time and stockless production strategy.

Dedicated Warehouse

WPC Logistics recognise different needs of warehouse for every customers, which depends on type and total of products. Therefore, WPC Logistics create…

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As the name implies, public warehouse is storeroom that can be use by public. In addition, WPC Logistics understand that not every product could be placed…

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WPC Logistics recognise that having a system which could monitor and analyse process of product handling and in the same time could give information to…

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