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01 March 2022

DJBC releases rules for exemption from import duties for re-import of exported goods

The Directorate General of Customs and Excise (DJBC) of the Ministry of Finance issued the latest regulation regarding the import duty exemption facility on the re-import of exported goods through Minister of Finance Regulation (PMK) number 175/PMK.04/2021 which came into effect on February 4, 2022.


Director of Communication and Guidance for Customs Service Users Nirwala Dwi Heryanto said the issuance of this latest regulation is a form of accountability and government response in accommodating the needs of service users.


"DJBC seeks to simplify procedures, modernize services and increase legal certainty in providing import duty exemption facilities for service users," he said in Jakarta, Wednesday.


Nirwala said the issuance of new rules related to the import duty exemption facility on the re-import of goods that have been exported is also an effort to support the implementation of the National Logistic Ecosystem (NLE).


Nirwala continued, goods that have been exported can be re-imported with the condition that they are of the same quality at the time of re-import, whether for repair, workmanship or testing purposes.


"Exemption from import duty on the goods in question can be granted if it meets the requirements contained in the regulation," he said.


There are several conditions that must be met by service users to get exemption from import duty on the goods mentioned above.


These conditions include that the importation is carried out by the person who exports the re-imported goods with the re-imported goods identified as the same goods at the time they were exported.


Then, re-imports are carried out within a maximum period of two years from the date of the export customs notification or the date of proof of export.


The last requirement is that there are supporting documents or evidence proving that the goods being re-imported are goods originating from within the customs area.


To obtain exemption from import duty, the importer can submit an application to the Head of the Customs Office at the place of entry of goods by attaching supporting documents.


Exemption from import duty can also be granted on goods carried by passengers, crew of transportation means, border crossers and importers through consignments with requirements that must be met in accordance with PMK 175/PMK.04/2021.


Nirwala added that all business processes carried out in providing import duty exemption facilities on re-import of exported goods are carried out automatically in order to simplify procedures and speed up services.


"All business processes are carried out through the service computer system, which is the system used by the customs office in the context of supervision and service," he said.


For people who need further information regarding the provisions for exemption from import duties for re-imported goods that have been exported, they can contact DJBC through the Bravo Customs Contact Center at 1500225 or via live web chat at linktr.ee/bravobeacukai.



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