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16 January 2024

The need for bridging the logistics gap for small, medium businesses

 Nowadays, e-commerce companies of all sizes—large, medium and small—and their logistics partners worldwide are facing certain unique challenges. First of all, online shopping demands are higher than ever before. Second, the demand for speedy, dependable and cost-effective delivery services is growing by the day as most customers want goods delivered within 2-3 days. And third, rising fuel costs and truck shortage are impacting operations logistics. But it is the fourth challenge that affects small and medium-sized business operations more—the Amazon factor. Leading e-commerce giants, such as Walmart and Amazon, spend millions of dollars on logistics. Their speed comes from fully automated warehouses with robots and logistics platforms that notify customers and employees well ahead of time. A small company simply cannot afford to invest in logistics processes of such massive scale. So, small and medium retailers can either buy, or develop effective logistics solutions tailored to their needs to improve upon their delivery promises. Here’s where third party logistics (3PL) companies become indispensable. 

Source: www.itln.in