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03 March 2017

Transport logistic discovers new markets

Where are the markets of the future in logistics? This is just one of many questions that will be discussed at the next transport logistic at the Messe München trade-fair center from 9 to 12 May 2017. This year, four regions will play a special role at the 16th edition of the International Exhibition for Logistics, Mobility, IT and Supply Chain Management.


In light of considerations that pertain to purchases, turnover and sales, identifying and tapping new markets plays an important role for transport and logistics companies. In an increasingly globally active world economy with all of its uncertainties, it is important that distinctions, some of which are specific, be taken into account. Tapping new markets calls for partnerships between trade, industry and logistics service providers. A trade show like transport logistic is a chance to make new contacts and intensify existing partnerships. After all, logistics service providers in particular often have subsidiaries, holdings, network partners or their own partners on location from which their customers in foreign markets can profit.


China and India are growth markets for logistics
Peter Kauschke, director, transportation & logistics at the consulting firm PwC, knows, “Growth markets for logistics are generally markets with high growth rates. Right now, India and China are prime candidates.” One of the major driving forces behind growth is online trade. China is the largest market for delivery services in the world (approximately 1.5 times larger than the United States), with a total of 20.7 billion package deliveries per year. “Several larger players in this market raised large amounts of capital on the stock exchange in 2016 to implement their expansion plans,” explains Kauschke. “The Chinese freight forwarding market is still very fragmented. Although one can certainly expect larger providers to emerge and expand their presence outside China considerably.” Such a development that could also have noticeable effects on the European transport and logistics market.


Poland, Iran, USA and South Africa in the spotlight
Besides the classics, i.e. China, India and Russia, this year’s transport logistic in Munich will especially focus on four of the most important logistics markets. There will be a discussion on “Poland’s Opportunities and Challenges as a Logistics Hub in the European Hinterland”. After all, Poland is one of the largest markets in the European Union that still has a great deal of growth potential. The German Logistics Association (BVL) is holding a country special on Iran. It will place special emphasis on specific opportunities and rules in this very interesting market. Iran has pent-up demand for logistics and it has more growth potential to offer international service providers than any other country.


Logistics Alliance Germany (LAG) is hosting a country special titled “USA: Impetus from Silicon Valley for Logistics Solutions from Germany”. “A new trade show titled Transportation & Logistics Americas (TLA) takes place in Atlanta in April 2018,” said Robert Schönberger, exhibition group director for transport logistic. “We hope that this country special will give people an idea of what to expect.” Messe München is organizing Transportation & Logistics Americas alongside the intralogistics trade show Modex.


Messe München’s subsidiary in South Africa is also holding a lecture titled “Logistics in southern Africa—Opportunities and Challenges.” For exhibitors, visitors and trade-show organizers, this is without a doubt a market with enormous potential. And the booming economy in southern Africa clearly has development opportunities to offer the logistics sector.

Source: http://www.logasiamag.com/2017/03/transport-logistic-discovers-new-markets/